Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Fight of Our Lives - REVIEW

The Fight of Our Lives by William Bennett and Seth Leibsohn forges new ground in the Christian perspective of Islam. They maintain that America has become timid in its war on terrorism, particularly under the Obama administration. Terrorism is alive and well, and apparently most terrorists identify themselves as Muslims--at least according to Bernard Lewis.

In my opinion, they go a little overboard in their message, but I also understand that they are trying to get it across and "wake up" America. I've always held a wariness and even fear of Islam, as well as respect for its power and ability to convert people. Their war with Christianity stems from Abraham's lack of trust in God leading to Ishmael and Isaac.

Anyway. All in all, this book gets 3 stars. It was decent, just nothing life-changing. But perhaps it will be for others who know little about Islam and its agenda.

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